Boscobel Rescue Squad Retains LifeQuest Services to Provide EMS Billing

Recently, the Boscobel Rescue Squad made a decision to hire LifeQuest Services from Wautoma, Wisconsin to provide billing services on behalf of the Boscobel Rescue Squad. The members of the Boscobel Rescue Squad proudly serve the citizens of our community and willingly pitch in to protect and serve their friends and neighbors regardless of the situation.The Boscobel Rescue Squad, through its ongoing commitment to the community, will continue to identify the needs of its customers in an effort to meet those ever changing demands.

Over the years, the costs required to run our Ambulance Service have grown dramatically and equipment we purchased years ago is going to need to be replaced shortly. It is because of these added costs, we no longer have a choice but to begin billing for services.

LifeQuest Services was hired in an effort to help meet these needs because of their unique long-standing history of providing superior customer service, their accreditations, their commitment to compliance and maximum revenue collections for their clients. LifeQuest Services currently provides billing services to over 220 ambulance and fire departments nationally.

Billing has become a very complex process.  The Centers for Medicare and Medical Assistance and the insurance industry administers the rules and regulations for submitting claims for reimbursement.  Companies such as LifeQuest Services are required to follow both state and federal laws, rules and regulations regarding the billing and collection of this type of debt.

According to Teresa Brown, Assistant Chief of the Boscobel Rescue Squad, “We’re very excited to partner with LifeQuest Services in providing billing for our department.  LifeQuest Services has an excellent reputation for treating patients with respect and providing excellent customer service.”

“Our primary objective is to provide quality service to not only our clients, but also the patients that they care for.  Our philosophy is to maximize the amount of money that is paid by insurance companies in an effort to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for patients that are served by the Boscobel Rescue Squad.”

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